Rob Fracisco

User Interface Designer

Body Techniques

These guys contacted me to help them update the look and feel of their online scheduling application for the massage company they run. They didn't want to change the functionality of it at all, they just wanted to be able to provide specialized skins to blend in with companies pre-existing intranet designs. The application was built originally in 1997 or so, so the html was ancient and all of the styling was done with inline tags and tables. My first step was to gut the html and separate the style from the markup with css. It's now setup for them to be able to match the look and feel of any of their clients. They can now come to me with a new client and I could turn around a whole new look and feel for them in a few hours. Happy designer, happy client..

work_images_btbefore.png work_images_btafter.png work_images_btbefore2.png work_images_btafter2.png