Rob Fracisco

User Interface Designer

JTV Mobile Broadcasters

, , has been a leader in live broadcasting on the web since they launched in 2006. Most broadcasters use webcams connected to their computers to stream to their friends and followers. When I joined the team in 2010, Retronyms was putting the final touches on the first iOS application which only had the ability to view other broadcasters. As cellphones became more powerful and networks more capable of streaming video content, the demand for a mobile live broadcaster increased.

While waiting for the final version of the iPhone viewing app to be delivered, we started buidling a broadcasting application for the Android platform; still in it's infancy at the time. I wasn't originally hired as a mobile designer per se, but I quickly jumped at the opportunity to design for a new platform on the leading edge.

At the time we started, design patterns for the Android platform hadn't really been set in stone. Myself and my teammate Rhys Hiltner had the opportunity to meet with the Android team from Google to discuss what they expected to be considered a quality application. We followed a lot of their recommendations, and as a result, our app was featured prominently in the Market on launch day.

For the iOS version of the live broadcaster, my goal was to design an interface that followed established iOS design patterns closely, and thus be friendly and easy to use for first time users while staying out of the way of regular users.

The bottom screenshot is from a Hackday we had at where we created an animated map that pulled geo-location data associated with the broadcast and played it in sync with the video.

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