Rob Fracisco

User Interface Designer /

About Me

I specialize in building easy to use interfaces. I'm very comfortable designing for any screen size and resolution, have years of experience in designing for desktop and mobile browsers, and have been the lead designer on a highly successful iOS and Android application. I don't spend as much time in Photoshop as I used to and spend most of my time designing in the browser now that I'm able to use alot of the latest CSS3 goodness. I've used JQuery regularly over the years on many projects, but don't claim to be a Javascript expert. My ideal dev process these days involves user testing, followed by focussed designs based on those learnings with an A/B framework to validate the design's value, rinse, and repeat.. I'm OK bowing to the data.




Product Designer

I spent most of my time designing numerous experiments with the sole focus of growing revenue for the company. In the process, I ramped up more skills in Git, became an expert at using Less CSS, and discovered the power of focussed design based on user data.

I learned the potent combo of running user tests followed by designing for users' needs. Using this process, I helped raise the user conversion 400% on the biggest revenue generating user flows, setting the company up to raise another round.


Product Designer

Lead Mobile Designer

I created the interfaces for's mobile broadcasting iPhone and Android applications. Later, I became the sole designer for the Socialcam project, where I created the interfaces for the iPhone and Android versions of the app. I also created the logo, the identity, websites, and print collateral.

I became an expert at creating effective user flows and designs for iOS and Android mobile platforms.



Lead User Interface Designer

I created the front end design, the user flow specs, and all graphical assets (including logos and identity). I also integrated the design in CSS/HTML with the Ruby on Rails code to ensure that the products worked well on every browser.

I learned effective strategies for setting up projects that could use an infinite number of skins, while utilizing the same backend code. I also became very comfortable designing interfaces for both websites and apps for the iPhone.



Lead User Interface Designer

As the sole designer in the company, I created photoshop mockups, wireframes, HTML and Flash prototypes, integrated the mockups into Perl, skinned flash players, worked with both Subversion and Arch version revision systems, and whatever print and identity work that was required.

I became comfortable working in an 'agile' development process with a small team and tight deadlines.


two3 Design

My Freelance Company

Before taking a full time position at GUBA, I took on larger projects lasting about a year, while doing smaller projects on the side. Below are two examples:

2004 - 2005

Applied Biosystems

Interface Design

I created the look and feel of the Salary and Compensation planning applications within the constraints of a pre-determined company-wide style guide. I integrated the interface into Cold Fusion.

2003 - 2005


Interface Design

I worked on a year long project for the piX human resources application. I created the entire User Interface for all screens including buttons and framework. With specs from the Human Resources department, I designed and integrated the interface in a JSP environment.


Junior Designer

I helped define the look and feel of the e-commerce website I designed and made HTML mockups, created a UI for a radio player, Flash animations for the website, and worked on print design campaigns.

Other Noteworthy Work


Rojo Projects

I've collaborated with Rojo, contemporary art projects based in Sao Paulo Brazil, off and on for the last 9 years on different design and photography projects. Since January of this year, they've been regularly featuring some of my photography.



Once a print magazine with 4 issues made, Biosfear became a personal repository for snapshots and other ramblings. It also gives me a place to play around with different HTML / CSS / JQuery techniques I'm interested in learning.


Formal Education

University of California Santa Barbara - B.A Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Green Urban Design.