Rob Fracisco

User Interface Designer

One of the biggest lessons we learned from the Mobile Broadscasters was that most content created were short video clips that were being watched after the broadcaster wasn't live anymore. By uploading the video clips in the background for viewing after the fact rather than streaming the video live, we figured we could upload higher quality video, greatly improving the viewing experience. We also wanted to be free to build a different type of video experience than what already existed at So, we decided to create Socialcam as a completely new product. We decided this in December with the intentions of launching 3 months later in March at SXSW. With a small team, myself as the sole designer, we set off to accomplish this crazy goal.

In those 3 months, I wireframed the entire User Interface for both iOS and Android apps; each following their native interface design patterns. I also created Socialcam's entire identity including logos and color schemes and then applied the identity to the app interfaces. I also designed all marketing and print collateral including business cards, stickers, and T-shirts. Lastly, we created a simple web experience where I was able to master my understanding and usage of HAML and Sass.

My favorite design concept that I came up with was the 4-up thumbnail that came to me on a morning bus ride to work. I felt that standard 1-up thumbnails were rarely accurate representations of what was really in the video and felt there'd be a better chance to see what was really going on if 4 screengrabs were presented. Before launch, facial recognition was added to the process to increase the chances of people appearing in each of the 4 thumbnails.

After the initial release of our Minimum Viable Product, we continued to iterate based on users' needs and any shortcomings we saw in the existing user funnels; such as the signup and video creation flows.

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